Feeling Indigo

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Indigo Collage

photos courtesy of Pinterest

I’ve been feeling blue more and more, lately.  Indigo Blue that is!  From my artful teacups by designer Paola Novone (not shown here) to my furniture and clothing, I’m loving almost everything in shades of Indigo.  All I see and/or gravitate to is Blue.  I find it amazing how rich, cool and vibrant this particular color is.  So much so, I’ve decided to buy indigo dye and try my hand at making scarves using the Shibori indigo dyeing technique http://commonthread.alternativeapparel.com/indigo-dyeing-diy/.  I’ve also considered doing a sort of white wash wall in my lab (home office) that’s, in my mind eye reminiscent of a Stone|Blue.  What can I say, I love the color!

My fabrics are in along with the dye and I can’t wait to get started.  I just need to do a little more research on the technique for both projects before I begin.  My creative juices are flowing and my inspiration is coming from just about everywhere and everything. Spring has Sprung and finally, put a pep in my step that was much needed.

Looking forward to sharing the outcome of both upcoming projects!


My Creativity Got the Christmas Spirit

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Christmas Inspired ProjectsPaper package tied w.string

  Inspiration took hold of me this Christmas holiday season.  Whereas, I seemed to be more at peace when I was making things of my own accord and aesthetic.  Online Christmas shopping and browsing sparked ideas in which produced an array of creative ideas (some still to come).  My love of knits lead me to create a wreath made of yarn to replace my ole faithful green dusty garland one.  I must say that to my delight it turned out gorgeously and fits perfect with the decor outside of my apartment.  I’m in love with it and now must find a plastic bag and storage box to keep it in great condition for next year.  I almost don’t want to take it down……and it’s sure to still hang at least through January!

  With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us all, I managed to somehow get my Christmas card mailers out in a timely manner.  I spent an entire day writing “Merry Christmas” & “Happy Holidays” on all of my chalkboard door tags that I added my touches too.  They were used as this year card inserts as ornaments for the tree, door, car or wherever you choose to hang a little piece of holiday cheer from me!  45 of the luckiest people in the world received my personal touch one of a kind ornament (that’s from my perspective, lol).

  My last minute call for creativity came on the Monday night, 3 days before Christmas day.   Whereas, I hadn’t begun wrapping the gifts that I purchased for others.  Those of you who wrap every gift can feel my pain (this does not include those who just insert gifts into gift bags).  I was task to create a hat and scarf set as a gift to a toddler.  I must say that knitting and/or crocheting is one of my favorite past time.  The hat and scarf set shown above was well received.

  I found that with each item completed there was an awesome feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  I have several other inspired projects coming down the line and I’m looking forward to beginning my mood board creations for my 2015 future and beyond.  I can’t wait to see what productions will be inspired in the coming year.

Pittsburgh Flying By

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Pittsburgh Flying By.


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Ok, I’m in search of a writing desk for a novel that I’m intending to write. Since, I’ve finally recorded a brief outline on my new mini pocket voice recorder ( this is my second one because I lost the first one that I purchased 3 months ago), I now need a creative space to sit and create! I know that this sounds crazy but, things come to me when I’m surrounded by well-designed spaces. It’s the natural designer in me, what can I say! At least, this is what I tell myself.

Finding that desk that will hopefully inspire my creativity has become a hindrance.  Every desk that I’m in love with and gives me that rustic-romantic feeling, cost a fortune. Then, I begin to research barnyard wood and how I can make the desk myself. Thus, at this rate and lack of focus, I’ll never get started typing in Scrivener!  The other tool I researched while prolonging the actual writing process.   Which begs the question…………Is this something that I really want to do or is it one of those things that you say you are going to do and never do it?

See, I can come up with stories. However, the moment I began to sit and write, I have forgotten the complete premise of the story. I did have great thoughts and ideas before. Some written and some, well, they were in my head!  But, not anymore! (Hence, the 2 recorders one now lost). So to get things going again, I try to come up with a new story out of the details of the one I had begun. Somehow, that never works out……I just begin to lose interest in the lives of those characters and maybe they just weren’t interesting enough or just lacked substance, who knows! I think that it’s because I don’t have a good writing desk! Perhaps it’s just another form of procrastination doing what it does…….procrastinate!

So, what makes this time different you ask or didn’t ask?  Well, I’m not going to wait for that perfect writing desk because then I’ll begin waiting for the perfect chair to go with.  Another, distraction to block me from tackling what I set out to do…….Write!  Instead, I’m beginning today wherever I am, whenever it hits!  Now, that I have my nifty recorder, I can somewhat keep my Adult A.D.D in check! lol  However, let not forget the real purpose …………………. the search for a fabulous writing desk!  I’m still on the lookout and have a few in my site!

– My Journey to Live Creatively!

Creatively Living – 2014 (Happy Inspired New Year

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2014, Is the year that I embrace my creative talents fully! 

I’m picking up my camera & taking photography classes on the weekend.  My plan is to coax even my subconscious into a more creative life!  I’m daring myself this year to write more (I better, if I plan to write a novel one day).  An instead of just collecting clothing patterns, dress forms and fabric, I WILL, make that high-low military inspired peplum jacket that I’ve imagined in my size.

I will also complete the king size 100% cotton blanket I’ve been knitting for at least 6 months now (I’m half way there)!

These are not resolutions, but more of, things I currently do.  However, I need to do them in a more consistent way.

This post is a little late.  Though, not really, since it is still January.


Wishing Everyone A Happy Creative New Year!

Let Your Mind Explore.


-My Journey to Live Life Creatively, Alyssia McCain-

Project: Find It & Redesign It!

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Psssst……..Did I tell you that I’m a designer and love design.

I’ve always been in love with furnishings and well furnished spaces!  Spaces that makes you smile!  Well, my latest project that I’ve tasked myself with is redesigning this vintage lamp that I came across in a consignment shop.

I haven’t quite finish picking out all the trimmings that will adorn the lampshade but, I’m almost there.  I’m still debating upon black leather trimming, velour or just a flat black.  Can you picture the antique nail head studs that will be placed upon this lamp?

The fabric, I’ve had for about 5 months now.  I got it on clearance from Calico Corner’s, a fabric and upholstery store.  One of those “No longer available” sales.  This fabric actually have another use and will still be used for it’s intended purpose, that is, to redesign a vintage chair of my liking.  However, I have yet come across said chair!  Therefore, until then a piece of this fabric will be put to use redesigning this beautiful lamp.

Watch out for the finish project!

-My Journey To Live Life Creatively

DIY Chalkboard

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This weekend I created a chalkboard for my kitchen. I must say this project was real easy and simple. The only down time was waiting for the primer and paint to dry before layering with another coat. Creating the chalkboard required minimum prep work. I purchased a picture frame large enough for the area in which it was designated for. Then purchased spray paint primer, chalkboard paint and a sponge paint roller.


1. Remove the glass from the picture frame.

2. Prime the glass of the picture frame (this is prep work for the chalkboard paint) I gave it two coats. Let dry for 2 hours.

3. Paint the primed glass with the chalkboard paint using the sponge paint roller. (Wait 4 hours before applying another coat). I applied 3 coats!

4. Once dry, put the glass back in the picture frame along with the cardboard that comes with the frame and hang your chalkboard in its desired location.

Have fun!

My Journey to Live Life Creatively!